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Sunday, July 27, 2003

I know I am ending early. But I started getting ready at 5:30. :) I got reprieve!

My final post yay. I made it. I want to thank first off. ALL MY SPONSERS! Without you guys I wouldn't have made it that far. It been a blast and a pleasure this year. With of course a minor problem here and there. And then all the people who worked in the background. We might not be apperiated at times but we know what we did. Yano my new friend who I learn so much about from this experience. And everyone who kept me company. And my two very special AIM buddies. You guys know who you are. :D I will see you guys next year. I might move my site somewhere else next year. But rest assured you guys will know.

Remember the good that you did. We stay up for 24 hours. At lease COMMENT on our blogs :)
432 of us from around the world. Raised $86,000 for our charities.
I monitored a total of 30 sites for this event.
Finally I made some new unique friends who know that this event is truly unique.

As I signed out in my regular blog,

I'm outz,

CHris aka Akuma

Yes Dreamland is fast approaching me. Just to let you guys know. I had a blast seeing your site and learning all about your charities. I'm a little overwhelm with the responibilites this year but rest assured I will be back next year, :D

Ack 5am hurry this up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm immature right now. So sue me! *grins*

I am too tired to write or read anymore. I just want to hit my bed soon.

Brain slowly going into mush. At this hour, you are expect to be grumpy and tired and whiny. But I made it this far. What another two hours to go? Right? God My coworkers are going to read it in on Monday morning. Forgive me. Try being up for this long at a computer. bleh

One thing about being a monitor , checking all these sites and going into hour 21.5 is that you notice people are dropping out like flies. Very sad. so close and yet so far. :(

Yay I want to thank my newest sponsor Pear who is currently in China. She donated 10.00 to me. YAY my farest donor!

Okay from my blogging buddy.

Top five - celebs of the (opposite) sex that you find attractive/or you would hook up with. (I'm gay so it will have to be opposite.

5. Catherine Zeta Jones (Lovely)
4. Utada Hikaru (I got a thing for cute japanese girls, by the way she a singer)
3. Zhang Zi Yi (She so cool and sexy)
2. Angelina Jolie (She Just HOT)
1. Nicole Kidman - I have the longest crush on her.

Now same sex

5. Rick Yune
4. Russell Wong
3. Jude Law
2. Mario Lopez
1. Antonion Sabato Jr.

I'm tired, I'm think I am developing tunnel carpal, i'm paranoid. But It for a good cause. 4 more hours left. I decided if I will post up the more pics later. :)

We had once ingenious way of raising money for our cause. One of them is to install permanent monkey paw plaque with the donor's name in the alleyway they help rebuild. Here is an example of it.

Yes, you can't avoid them, they are everywhere. YMCAs do exist in Chinatown. In fact the only place with a pool in the community.

I am getting so very tired. Mind fuzzy. On top of my monitoring duties. Keeping freinds awake. I am such a scatterbrain right now.

Okay lack of sleep will make you less inhibited. But I did manage to wake up a couple of girls. My crush saw those pics. All he said was "damn". Don't know if that is a good thing or bad thing yet. We'll see.

Saturday, July 26, 2003

Okay its midnight only six more hours left. Some of the ladies are requesting some eye candy. So I am going to oblige. My just shower look. Now behave all you ladies and gay men. (I'm single!) hehhee

Okay I hate cheaters. Cheaters for a good cause make me even more sick. Using an auto bot program so he or she can systematically blogged at exactly on time, deserves to be call scum bag. I know it for charity. But 99% of us are playing by the rules and staying awake while he or she gets to sleep while we are all mentally and physically tired. That is totally mess up. If you can't do it. Dont' participate. Why can't people do that. If you can't do it. Drop out. Around 20% drop out, varying reason from forgetting to family emergency or becoming sick but at least they play by the rules. This person didn't.

The very first Cable Car that ever ran for on August 1st, 1873, but a little known fact. the conductor that was intailly suppose to do it on that day got so scared that they had to postpone it. Mr. Andrew Hallide the inventor had so much confidence in his invention that he did it the next day. Aug 2nd, 1873.
So this plaque commerate that fateful day.

What will you do differently next year?

Let see, get more sodas, get more sleep, be more organized for the blogathon. But what I gain is some new freinds and insights on the goodness of people in this world.

From my blogging buddy Yano!

My crush is currently camming me. Nothing nasty. But he the guy who is making me smile and happy.

Signs like this exist because it wards off certain spirits or in some cases like these brings luck and longevity. :)

Donaldina Cameron was a Christina Lady who virtually save woman from prostitution. In the 19th century. Most men came here to mined from gold. But not many came over with their husbands. So women was "imported" to satify their male needs. Donaldina Cameron would break into these brothels and saved these girls. And she would then hide them in a hole under the house and send the police going looking elsewhere for them. This house still stands. But I will tell you guy what is in this current age.

I am going to go on a slight tangent here. In San Francisco we also have a Japantown and I want to share with you my favorite pic.

One thing I learn about doing this. Is that as the hours go on. You get lazier and lazier about posting. But in my case. I am still low on pictures. Too lazy to go out and take them.

A lot of bricks were recycled from the 1906 earthquakes. Notice its jagged edge.

Photo credit. Mona

Volunteers of al types come to help out clean up Chinatown and along with it, learning it history of it from the team leader. Here you see them congregrating .l

This is one of the few open spaces in Chinatown. The Chinese Playground is known by all for it fun playground and the story and legends of ghost that still haunts it area.

Here is another brick building to show you more in details how earthquake retrofitting will look like.


Say hi to YANO, she and I are scheming.

Spofford alleyway has appear in many TV shows and movies because of its rustic look. But I don't have a better pic. I will post one up if I find one. :)

Here another view of the Famous Ross Alleyway. 5 years ago. It was really dirty and inaccesible. But now. It is clean and more pedrestian freindly.

Okay woke up from a powe nap. It refreshed me. Yay!

Me and some other blogathon blogger have some thing up our sleeves. But I will continues posting more pictures at 5pm. :)

Okay my brain is slightly getting fried. But let me go into deal how I got involved with this group. Back as a sophmore in high school. There was a need of volunteers to help clean the alleyways but it also gives a stirpend to the volunteer group if they did volunteer 2 hours of their time to clean up the alleyways. Since I live about a couple of block from Chinatown. I decided to volunteer. But this project has drawn me to become a better leader and understanding more about the community and here I am. 8 years later. A board member and still work with these youths in helping making Chinatown a better place. :)

okay I am trying to save pics to last me a bit longer than expected. But I am running out of pics. Must conserve them.

Right now at hour 9.5. I am a bit tired but I am doing really well. :)

Very happy right now. We can do it!

As I said there are family that live in the alleyways. Look at this cute baby!

The Chinese Free Mason, established in 1853, is also known as the "Chee Gung Tong". During the early 1900s, the founding father of the Chinese Republic Revolution, Dr. Sun Yat Sen, staged his headquarters in the tiny building for six years. It was a secret headquarter of a society that worked to overthrow the Ching Dynasty of the Manchus' Government in China. Its popular slogan was "Fan Ching, Fok Ming", roughly translated into "Overthrow the Ching Dynasty, Restore the Ming Dynasty". When the Chinese Revolution began in October 10, 1911, Chinese Free Mason helped by lending approximately two million in republican government loans to the cause.

Due to lack of central leadership, Chinese Free Mason eventually branched out into different interests and associations. Some became benevolent associations, others became employment agencies, still some created labor unions, and others formed criminal triads. Many foreigners often misinterpret secret societies as being of illegal activities when in fact, only a small portion are.

-From CAT Tour Website, (TEXT) Pic (Me)

These is where you money is going to support. Developing youth leadership with the exception of the lady in dead center. She's the coordinator! :) These youths lead the Chinatown Alleyway Tour that I am doing online virtually. Go check it out!

Slight break from the tour. But I thought this is pretty scary. Don't you think?

Going to do some laundry now!

This is one of our lovely alleyway that you see right here. As you can see it quite spacious but alas to qualified as a "street" it must be 33 feet across. Most alleyways are 22-31 feet long and thus don't get any city funding. Adopt-an-Alleyway does Bi-Monthly Cleanup of the alleyways to ensure that they are enjoy by the community.

Murals like this hang on Ross Alleyway to depict everyday life here in Chinatown. Ross Alleyway has also an interesting history to it. It old name is Old Spanish Alley. Why was it name like that? Because all the Spanish men that ferquent that alleayway. It use to house brothels and gambling parlors and bars. The low downs of society but now it houses family associations, a temple, dry cleaners, babershop and florist. My time has change!

Going to do some laundry now!

Family Associations exist in many of alleyways. In the turn of the century. Many families didn't know how to start their lives here in San Francisco, so Family Association or "Tongs" are there to help them get comfortable in the city. Tongs are only availble if your last name is the same with the Tongs or you won't get any services.

Stockton Street in Chinatown is the main throughfare. Most of the everyday activities of its resident happen here. Stockton Street use to be very dirty but due to CAIA and it volunteer. Now it sparkles. :)

Pagoda Alley use to house a perfume factory run by a German Chemist and whenever people passed by it. They will say "Hong Ah!" "Hong Ah!" So hence the Chinese name of this alleyway in Chinese is Hang Ah Alley.

Okay almost back up and running. I will be resuming my monitor work and Chinatown Posts in the next half hour. :D

The joys of Blogger being a bitch and erasing your main template is that you get to start rebuilding the SAME SITE AGAIN. *kicks blogger*

My Blog is acting up. More will follow once I fixed it. Sorry people

Robert Louis Stevenson and Chinatown has a very close relationship. Back when the Chinese people was shunned and dispise. Robert Louis Stevenson and his wife embraced them. So this is the memorial for his love of Chinatown and so future generation can remember who he was.

By the way new picture up now. :) I showered and feel a lot better.

This is one of the temples in Chinatown. This is Tien How Mieu or Heavenly Temple. This is one of the very first Buddhist Temple in the nation.
It is also known as Waverly Street. If you have seen the movie Joy Luck Club, then you will know this is the street that Waverly Jong lived on and named after.


This plaque commerates the founding of San Francisco. This spot is in Portsmouth square which is in the heart of Chinatown. The area that is call the Financial Distict is all LANDFILL. And my office is located there too.

Oh by the way HAPPY BDAY MIKEY. You're still 21 plus 2 decades right?


Chinatown really value the little open space that we have. There are currently only 3 parks in a 16 block that we have. Chinatown also value their open space. Spaces like the this tall was banned in the 1970's due to the sunshine ordinance that was pass. Only two buildings are past 4 stories. One is the Holiday Inn seen here and another is a condominium.

A lot of building were made of bricks because they were the cheapest materials available. But during the 1906 earthquake. Chinatown collaspe not from the earthquake but the fires that soon emblazen the city. But Chinatown was soon quickly rebuilt because the city wanted to move Chinatown to the other side of the city. Now in this picture you see them retrofitting the building where steel bar are place between bricks so that they will only shift and not fall.

Chinatown has many hidden secrets in its alleyways some of which is shown here. A fortune cookie factory is shown here. But a little trivia fact that most people dont know. It is NOT an chinese invention. It was invented here in San Francisco. Fortune cookies are imported to Chinatown from the US.

Photo Credit: Mona

Forgive me if there is a lagged. I am one of the monitors. :D